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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

December 3, 2007

One of the scariest things about joining the challenge was the thought of “putting myself out there”. I am a very private person by nature, yet I would soon be sharing my innermost desires with complete strangers and now here I am blogging to the world about my experience. Why?

To back up for a bit, in general my life is pretty awesome. I’ve been married for fourteen years now to my best friend and biggest supporter. We have two fantastic kids. We live in warm sunny California, and own our own home. I love my job, and have an employer I consider a friend and mentor who is supportive of my quest.

What could have possibly been wrong or have left me feeling so stuck? It all boils down to the name of the challenge—Having It All. I’m 90% of the way there and I fully intend to get it to 100%.

The “All” that I am working towards is my personal contribution to this universe. I know that I am destined for more than what I am doing today. I truly believe that the experiences I’ve had in life have been given to me for a reason and in order for me to feel truly fulfilled, I must find a way to give back using those experiences. Part of that means “putting myself out there” and getting way out of my comfort zone.

John Assaraf interviewed Dr. Joseph Dispenza, author of “Evolve your Brain”. It was a fascinating journey into the human brain and the physical and chemical changes that take place when we change the patterns of our thinking. According to Dr. Dispenza, being uncomfortable as you change your old ways of thinking signifies growth. Well, I’ve definitely grown a lot these last few weeks and now I’m looking forward to the rest of the ride!


Can We Really Have it All?

November 24, 2007

I am currently going into my third month of John Assaraf’s “Having It All” Challenge (HIAC). I hesitate to use the word “program” because it’s so much more than that. It’s a life transforming course comprised of calls, webinars, podferences, guest speakers, seven to eight member mastermind groups and recorded audio interviews.

There are approximately one hundred of us in the challenge and in addition to an abundance of course material; we have access to community forums. Through the forums, we have gotten to know and support each others hopes, dreams and challenges. John is also an active participant in this component.

I joined the challenge when I realized that for the first time in my life I felt “stuck”. I had gotten complacent and let myself fall into a very reactive role in my life, which iss not at all like me, and quite frankly, it scared me into action. I knew of John through his Wall Street Best Seller “The Street Kids Guide to Having It All”, his appearance on the movie “The Secret” and various audio and print interviews. What I am really drawn to is his dedication and passion for neuroscience, quantum physics and their relationship to peak performance.

John was not born into money, had a challenging childhood and is living proof that you can have it all. His six month challenge gives those who are serious about taking control of their life everything they need to succeed.

I am happy to share my journey with you and hope that it will inspire you to take action and start working towards creating your life’s masterpiece!